Where are they? – #1

Aggs Hill, Piccadilly, and the quarry

The area around Piccadilly Farm, on the upper slopes of Cleeve Hill above Cheltenham, has been used for trials extensively since the 1920s, but with a confusing array of names. This is my attempt to decipher the confusion.

  • Aggs Hill (1) : The first references that I’ve found to an “Aggs Hill” are sections used for the 1929 and 1930 NWLMC Gloucester Trial. I’m pretty certain that these used the now-tarmaced ‘yellow’ road, known locally as Aggs Hill, which rises steeply in an easterly direction from OS GR SO976223. This would also have been used, unobserved, on the route to the other sections listed here, with the exception of Noverton Lane.
  • Aggs Hill (2) : The next references that I’ve found are Section No.7 of the 1970 Guy Fawkes Trial and Section No.4 of the 1971 Guy Fawkes Trial. These are on, or very close to, the rough track which climbs north-easterly from OS GR SO989229 and, may, therefore, be the same as the PreWar Piccadilly section.
  • Aggs Hill (3) : The third incarnation of the name was used for the 2004 and 2005 SDMC Mechanics Trial to identify a section in the quarry at OS GR SO992232. Different parts of the quarry were used for the two years.
  • Blue Hill : Section No.7 of the 1971 Guy Fawkes Trial. From the route card I think this was probably in the quarry at OS GR SO992232 although the top of the Piccadilly track, where it bears right by the quarry, bears a stricking resemblance to the much better-known Blue Hills section a few hundred miles away in Cornwall.
  • Hewletts Hill : A hill of this name was used for the 1939 SUNBAC Colmore Trial. It could have been the PreWar Aggs Hill, Piccadilly under another name, or another section altogether. At present I have no idea which of the three is most likely.
  • Noverton Lane : Included here solely because it exits onto the Piccadilly track at the quarry. Used for the SDMC Mechanics Trial in 2003/4/5, it started at OS GR SO982237 and was notoriously rough (it was a Class 7/8 only section in 2004/5). It features regularly on the route of the local motorcycle trials.
  • Piccadilly (1) : This was used on the 1932 SUNBAC Colmore Trial. It is the rough track which climbs north-easterly from OS GR SO989229. I assume that it was observed right to the summit just above the quarry.
  • Piccadilly (2) : Section No.5 of the 1971 Guy Fawkes Trial. From the route card, I assume that this may have been on the track, and therefore is part of the PreWar Piccadilly section.
  • Quarry : Section No.6 of the 1971 Guy Fawkes Trial. In the quarry at OS GR SO992232.

Page updated and republished : 30 December 2015