Where are they? – #2

Ashmeads, Middle Drag, Stancombe

Although the Database confidently identifies these three Cotswold sections as “Full OS GR known”, I now realise that the locations listed are based on my best guess, with little or no substantiating documentation to support my assumptions. If anyone can confirm, or provide alternatives, I’d be most grateful.

  • Ashmeads : I know that this section, used for the MGCC Abingdon Trial in 1937 and 1938, climbed to Oakridge Lynch from the road alongside the river and canal to the east of Chalford. For some reason, which I cannot now explain, I do not believe that the section used the now-tarmaced road starting at OS GR SO915029 but may have gone up the hillside to the west, starting around OS GR SO912030. Has anyone got any ideas, either way, about this?
  • Middle Drag : I had always assumed that this section, used for the 1936 NWLMC Gloucester Trial, used the very prominent track (now a bridleway) which climbs onto Stinchcombe Common in a roughly south-easterly direction starting from OS GR ST736991. But I now have more detailed information which leads me to believe that it may be a parallel track, a short distance to the south
  • Stancombe : I have always assumed that this section, used for many PreWar trials and the Falcon “Guy Fawkes” Trial in the early 1960s, is the now-tarmaced road which rises from the Slad Valley starting with a steep right-hander at OS GR SO881073, then running alongside the Merve’s Swerve section as used on the modern Cotswold Clouds Trial before climbing to Stancombe Farm, Bisley. But, as there are numerous other Stancombes in the Cotswolds, can anyone confirm this location?

Page updated and republished : 30 December 2015