Fedden Trial (BLCMCC)


Although never quite in the same league as the Colmore and Gloucester trials, the Fedden was one of the most important trials using the Cotswold hills in the periods immediately before, and immediately after, the Second World War. It was a ‘proper’ classic road trial from its inception in 1935 until, like so many other trials, it became a single venue event during the 1950s. The Fedden continues, to this day, as a round of the BTRDA and MSA Sporting Trials Championships.

List of past winners (1935 to 2008) compiled from the winner’s plates on the cup – With thanks to Duncan Stephens and Tony Streeting for providing me with the list.


The 1935 event was run in the Mendips. All subsequent events were run in the Cotswolds, although I’m still trying to find out exactly when, during the 1950s, the Fedden became a single venue event.

The Fedden was always a ‘Southern Cotswolds’ trial and it’s memory lives on in two sections now used by Stroud & District Motor Club for their Mechanics Trial. Both Tin Pan Alley (aka Tramps Paradise) and Alf’s Delight are ex-Fedden sections, the latter being named after Alf Morrish, a stalwart of the Bristol Motor Club in the immediate PostWar period.

The table below shows sections which I know were used for the years listed, but there may be others in addition – the contemporary reports often noted only those sections which decided the results, and ignored the sections which all, or most of, the entry cleaned.

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For more information about the sections, see the Trials Sections Database.

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