Classic sections

I have, for some time, been researching the location and history of the huge number of ‘lost sections’, unused for many years but often figuring prominently in ‘Wheelspin’ and other accounts of trialling in the golden years of the 1930s. Most of my efforts have been concentrated in the Cotswolds, an area rich in trialling history and, conveniently, right on my doorstep. The bare facts – OS Grid references, dates of use, current rights-of-way status, and the like – are all recorded in the Trials Sections Database but the research often reveals other fascinating information. These pages will, hopefully, build into a record of some of the more interesting facts that I’ve unearthed.

… and the Top Ten Really classic sections

Michael Leete wrote a similar series of articles on his original Classical Gas website, now archived, and accessible from the links below:

Page updated : 29 June 2019