How One became Three

One of my long-term research projects is trying to determine exactly how, and when, one motorsport discipline – trials – became three – Classic Reliability Trials, Production Car Trials, and Sporting Trials. This ought to be easy but it has proved frustratingly difficult to get any hard facts, not helped when I discovered that neither the MSA nor the VSCC libraries (easy access for me) have a complete run of the RAC “Blue Book” through the relevant period.

Update January 2021

Until January 2021 this page included my ‘best guess’ timeline of what-happened-when. I’ve done so much more research during the coronavirus lockdown that I think it’s better to withdraw the ‘best guess’ and wait until I have the whole topic properly sorted-out. But don’t hold your breath!

I’ve also now discovered that the NMM does not have a complete run of the Blue Book through the 1950s into the 1980s and, indeed, they’re not quite sure what they do have because the Blue Books are not catalogued and the staff who need to look on the shelves are on furlough!

Page updated : 13 January 2021