Where are they? – #4

Warren Hill

After I completed my search for Kineton in 2002, I turned my attention to tracking-down Warren Hill as one of the more significant “undiscovered” Cotswold hills. Cowbourne lists its use for the 1938 Colmore, and there’s a picture of Imhof in Cream Cracker MG BBL 81 on Page 50 of Thomas, stated as being on Warren Hill in the 1938 Colmore, but it doesn’t give any real clues. Kevin Barnes had several photographs of cars on Warren on the 1949 Colmore, and descriptions of the hill from 1938 and 1949. He also had evidence that it was used again in 1950. But none of these were very much help when we didn’t have the faintest idea where the hill was.

And that’s how our state of knowledge stayed for several years. I was convinced that it must be somewhere in the Winchcombe, Broadway, Guiting triangle but Kevin, and father Terence, thought it might be further afield (they were right). The breakthrough came in June 2007 when Kevin acquired programmes for the 1951 and 1952 Colmore Cup (motorcycle) Trials, with a grid reference in the 1951 programme, and a route description in the 1952 programme although, predictably, they don’t agree. We can now state, with absolute certainty, that Warren (the section) is somewhere on The Warren in grid square 14*30* on OS Landranger 150.

I now have more information about the location of Warren and will update this page at some time in the future. The current best guess is at the location indicated by the arrow on this StreetMap link but, as it’s well away from any designated right-of-way, we can’t encourage any further exploration.

Page updated and republished : 30 December 2015