Where are they?

Although I’m constantly adding to the information in the Trials Sections Database there are still a number of sections whose whereabouts remain a mystery. For the sections used PreWar, they are generally mentioned in ‘Wheelspin’ or ‘Cowbourne’ but without sufficient explanation to get close to a possible location. For sections used PostWar, they were generally used once (only) and I don’t have any more information than a name on a route card.

Any assistance in tracking them down, or at least pointing me in a possible direction, would be greatly appreciated.

Where are they? – The first batch (all from 2015)

#1 – Aggs Hill, Piccadilly, and the quarry
#2 – Ashmeads, Middle Drag, Stancombe
#3 – The Guitings, and Woodmill
#4 – Warren Hill

Where is it? – From the Recent Posts (2019 onwards)

#1 – West End
#2 – Hone Horror
#3 – Lyn Hill
#4 – Doverhay

Where are they? – The second batch (from the Recent Posts)

Coming soon …

Page updated  : 23 October 2020