DEFRA Consultation on the Landscapes Review

In the summer of 2018 the Government, in response to their 25 Year Environmental Plan, commissioned a Designated Landscapes Review. The Final Report (the ‘Glover Report’) was published in September 2019 but it was not until January 2022 that the Government responded to the Report and launched a formal consultation “Seeking views on the government response to the Landscapes Review”.

Because of the serious threat posed by this consultation to the future of green lane motoring, it is vital that everyone who wishes to preserve the sport of classic trials submits a response. The consultation closes at 11:45pm on 9 April 2022.

Although the Landscapes Review does not touch on the use of motor vehicles the Government response has a section on ‘managing visitor pressures’, which includes the impact of motor vehicles and particularly recreational motoring on green lanes. Defra’s consultation goes further and includes questions on whether or not the Government should legislate to restrict the recreational use of motor vehicles on unsealed unclassified roads, either within protected landscapes or everywhere. The relevant questions are numbered 13 to 17 and these questions signal a clear and present danger to green lane motoring.

We know that The Green Lane Environment Action Movement (GLEAM) is seeking to end or seriously curtail the recreational use of green lanes and are lobbying at a local and national level to get as many responses as possible that are sympathetic to their cause.

I recommend that you respond by email (see below).

Background reading:

Advice on responding:

Responding online

Responding by email

Although DEFRA would prefer online responses, they are happy to receive responses by email. Please read pages 26 to 30 of this DEFRA letter before responding.

  • Please send your email to with the Subject line “Response to the Consultation on the Landscapes Review”.
  • Please answer Questions Q1 to Q5 inclusive.
  • You can ignore Questions Q6 to Q12 inclusive. You may ignore Question Q13 or answer as you wish.
  • Q14. I suggest that you answer “No” and, for the Reasons, say that the Authorities already have sufficient powers and do not need any additional powers.
  • Q15. If you have answered Q14 as “No”, then just say “Not applicable“.
  • Q16. I strongly suggest that you answer “No“. For the Reasons, use your own words or, if you wish, refer to the GLASS and LARA/NMC advice as linked above. This is the most important question in the Consultation. If you do nothing else, just answer Q16 in your email.
  • Q17. If you have answered Q16 as “No”, then just say “Not applicable“.

And that’s it.

Any questions, please contact me (link on the right).

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