Databases – Major update

I have just completed, and published, a major update to both the Trials Events Database and the Trials Sections Database. The Events Database now lists over 1500 events, and the Sections Database now lists over 2200 event/section combinations, with my normal caveat that both are still work-in-progress. You can go straight to the latest printouts from these links:

Trials Events Database printout (PDF)
Trials Sections Database printout (PDF)

The Trials Sections Database now lists every section used for every ACTC Championship event from 1984 to 2019, although not all the locations are known. It also lists a substantial number of sections used for other events, both historic and Non-Championship.

This will be the last major (published) update for some time as I am now researching other aspects of classic trials history. I will, however, continue to make ad-hoc (unpublished) updates as appropriate. So if you have a question, comment, or correction, just ask (using the Contact Me email address in the right-hand column).

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