Databases updated

I have just completed, and published, major updates to the Trials Events Database and Trials Sections Database. The Events Database now lists over 1400 events, and the Sections Database now lists over 1600 event/section combinations, with my normal caveat that both are still very much work-in-progress. You can go straight to the latest printouts from these links:

Trials Events Database printout (PDF)
Trials Sections Database printout (PDF)

I am now up-to-date with all the information that I currently hold for the seven trials listed below (so if you know any more, or have any corrections, please Contact Me via the email address in the right-hand column):

Allen, Clee Hills, Cotswold Clouds, Kimber, Kyrle, Mechanics, and Torbay.

I will be steadily working-through the other ACTC ‘One Day’ trials over the next month or so, then moving on to the three MCC trials, and finally returning to tidy-up the sections for the ‘Historic’ events.

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