Where is it? – #4

So where, exactly, is the section known as Doverhay, used for the Brighton & Hove Motor Club’s Brighton-Beer Trial in 1933, and for the MCC’s Lands End Trial (generally for motorcycles only) from 1932 to 1957 (and maybe later)?

Is it:

  • Doverhay Road (USRN: 43786546), shown on the map above as a red line?
  • Bridleway WL19/17, shown on the map above as a green line?
  • Footpath WL19/16, shown on the map above as a blue line?
  • … or somewhere else in this area?

I’ve read lots of previous reports, including extensive correspondence in the MCC News of the Week back in May 2010, but nothing has been accurate enough to distinguish between the three tracks I list above. Can anyone help?

Trials Sections Database

I have made some minor changes to the Trials Sections Database page and published an updated printout from the Database – all 32 pages and 1150+ sections of it. Those familiar with this ridiculously ambitious project will notice few changes to the published data, although this is now displayed in a new format. I still have a LOT of information to add, and there are still a large number of inconsistencies to be ironed-out but, step-by-step, is slowly getting-there.

Update 6 September 2019 09:00:

Minor updates to both page and printout.

Where is it? – #3

 I’ve had this photo for a long time and, indeed, published it some years ago on a previous version of this website, but I must confess that I’ve lost my note of the original source (Nigel Brown? John Salter?) and some of the key information (such as who?). Whatever, it is an HRG and is, I believe, on the 195o Lands End Trial. The question is where?

I had lengthy, but ultimately inconclusive, email exchanges with both Nigel and John about this photo back in September 2011. I have a note that the 1950 Lands End sections were, in alphabetical order: Barton Steep (ST), Beggars Roost, Doveyhay (m/c only), Hookway, Southernwood, Station Lane (Hill), Stoney Street, and Yealscombe; but the Motor Sport report also mentions Ashwell so I wonder if my list is correct?

We eliminated all except Hookway based on our knowledge of the others, but couldn’t match the photo with the section known as Hookway and used by the Silverton Motor Club for their Exe Valley Trial up to 1998 (Silverton used the track west-to-east with the section start at https://bit.ly/348MSPe).

So … does anyone know where this is? Or can anyone at least confirm that No.102 was an HRG in 1950, which might help to confirm the year and, therefore, the ‘long list’ of sections to choose from?


Where is it? – #2

I’m not sure where these two photographs came from, although I know that they’re both attributed to Brunell. I’ve also seen a third one, of a BMW 319, taken in the same location, but the current owner of the car had inherited the photo album which included the photo when he bought the car and had no idea where it was taken. So … does anyone know where this is?

 Update 2 September 2019 14:00:

Well … very many  thanks to Alastair Queen for setting me on the path to sorting-out this one. The event is the 1936 Brighton-Beer, and the section is Hone Horror at Hone Farm, just off the A396 to the north of Dulverton in Somerset (OS GR SS325927). For those who want a more accurate location, the cars are at https://w3w.co/tonic.fonts.corrosive. Hone Horror was listed as a ‘Brake and Acceleration Test’ and was never used again, as far as I am aware.

For those interested in the ‘research process’ read on … After Alastair saw the original post above, his research took him to https://bit.ly/2lViR41 and thence to https://bit.ly/2lUcsWO where all is revealed. I then realised that it was hardly surprising that I recognised the photograph of the Frazer-Nash BMW 319 when I saw it at Prescott in 2016, because it was the same photo (the top one above) that had been sitting in my own archive for years. Steve Fathers, who posted the photo on PreWarCar.Com, is the ‘current owner’ that I refer to above and he’d obviously made his online post several weeks after I met him.

Then, when I got to the MMM Register website, I was embarrassed to realise that this photo …

… was already sitting in my archives, clearly marked as the 1936 Brighton-Beer. No wonder the location looked very familiar although, until today, I had no idea where it was.

So … the one question remaining is … why did Brunell decide to photograph the 1936 Brighton-Beer, which was a ‘premier league’ trial in its day, at such an obscure location? Or maybe he just knew that it would produce distinctive photographs?

Where is it? – #1

These two photographs have come to me from different sources. It’s obviously the same event, and at a very similar time (look at the spectators standing under the bridge), but does anyone have any idea where they were taken?


Update 27 August 2019 12:00:

After linking this post to the Classic Trials Facebook Group, David Alderson came up with the photo below, taken from the book “So This Is Yorkshire – A nostalgic look at Motor Sport from 1910 to 1939”. I then got hold of a pre-1960 1″ OS map of the area and it clearly shows two fords, one on a ‘yellow’ road leading to/from West End, and another on an unfenced track to the east of Mogington Bridge. Both these fords, and the ‘yellow’ road over Mogington Bridge, are now submerged under the Thruscross Reservoir.

The balustrading may have changed in the time between the photos from the book (below) and the photos I have posted above, but the bridge structure does look very similar. I suspect these photos are all of West End because the road is the more major of the two, might have justified a parallel footbridge, and has a single-arrow ‘steep hill’ mark on the OS map immediately after the ford to the east.

Now … does anyone know anything about Yorkshire trials that might have included a section called ‘West End’?

More page updates

Thanks to Arthur Vowden, I’ve managed to unravel the early history of Restart magazine and have updated the Magazines page accordingly.

Thanks to Mike Ellis, I’ve made yet more updates to the Troll T6 page, although this is now becoming a bit too long for easy reading and I may have to consider splitting it in the future.

Two questions about early issues of Restart

Can anyone help? I had always believed that my collection of ACTC magazines was complete (from Four Wheels Out No.22 onwards), but there are two possible gaps:

  • Were any issues of Restart magazine published in 1990? My collection jumps from the last issue of Wheelspin in May 1990 (Vol.3 No.9) to an issue of Restart for March 1991 (Vol.2. No.1). Does anyone have any issues of Restart in this gap?
  • Was there a Volume 3, Issue No.3 of Restart in late 1992? My collection jumps from July 1992 (Vol.3 No.2) to March 1993 (Vol.4 No.1).