Classic Sections – Ibberton

From the JES (Jesus) Jones collection with thanks to Mike Dalby. I’d long wondered about the location of the wonderfully atmospheric picture on Page 161 of Bacon but it wasn’t until August 2007 that Bryan Ditchman positively identified it as Ibberton Church Hill. (There is another picture of Ibberton on Page 106 of Bacon.) Shortly … Continue reading “Classic Sections – Ibberton”

Classic Sections – Dane

MG Musketeer team captain MacDermid climbs Dane, probably on the 1937 Wye Cup Trial. Photograph taken from page 48 of Thomas. Dane Hill in Kent is hardly a well-known PreWar section, so why does it feature here? Solely because Brunell took some photographs there, in 1937, which have been famously mis-attributed. Data County OS 100km GR Entry … Continue reading “Classic Sections – Dane”

About Page updated

I’ve just added a third paragraph to the History section of the About this site Page, noting the background to the recent Website changes. The more observant will also notice that the website strapline has changed from “The When and Where of Classic Trials” to “Classic Trials History”, to reflect the latest re-focus.

The Guitings unravelled

The area around Guiting Power and Temple Guiting, on the Cotswold Hills between Cheltenham and Stow-on-the-Wold, was criss-crossed by the three main trials that used the North Cotswolds – the SUNBAC Colmore and NWLMC Gloucester Trials pre-war, and the Falcon Guy Fawkes Trial in the 1950s to 1970s. After discovering Kineton, my attention turned to … Continue reading “The Guitings unravelled”

Classic Sections – Kineton

The Woodalls, Bertie (driving in the cap) and Victor (passengering in the fedora), in Victor’s Wolseley Ford special at the start of ‘New Kineton’ on the 1939 Colmore Trial. With many thanks to Simon Woodall for providing both the original photographs. Although Juniper might be considered a very obvious candidate for the first in this … Continue reading “Classic Sections – Kineton”