What’s been going on behind the scenes?

Regular visitors will know that there have been no updates to this site since late September, but that does not mean that nothing’s been happening behind the scenes. I was about to embark on a major update to the Trials Sections Database but decided to change my priorities. I have, over the last three months, been creating spreadsheets for all the major trials, listing exactly which sections were used for each year. This is an expansion of the information which I published for the Cotswold Clouds Trial back in February and I now have comprehensive records going back into the mid 1990s for all the current ACTC Championship events. Non-Championship events will be included in the New Year.

So, with that exercise nearly complete, I can return to updating the Trials Sections Database confident in the knowledge the ‘First Use’ and ‘Last Use’ dates will be more accurate than they were in the past.

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