Where is it? – #1

These two photographs have come to me from different sources. It’s obviously the same event, and at a very similar time (look at the spectators standing under the bridge), but does anyone have any idea where they were taken?


Update 27 August 2019 12:00:

After linking this post to the Classic Trials Facebook Group, David Alderson came up with the photo below, taken from the book “So This Is Yorkshire – A nostalgic look at Motor Sport from 1910 to 1939”. I then got hold of a pre-1960 1″ OS map of the area and it clearly shows two fords, one on a ‘yellow’ road leading to/from West End, and another on an unfenced track to the east of Mogington Bridge. Both these fords, and the ‘yellow’ road over Mogington Bridge, are now submerged under the Thruscross Reservoir.

The balustrading may have changed in the time between the photos from the book (below) and the photos I have posted above, but the bridge structure does look very similar. I suspect these photos are all of West End because the road is the more major of the two, might have justified a parallel footbridge, and has a single-arrow ‘steep hill’ mark on the OS map immediately after the ford to the east.

Now … does anyone know anything about Yorkshire trials that might have included a section called ‘West End’?

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