Trials Events Database

As many of you will know, ACTC Chairman Dave Haizelden and ACTC Website Supremo James Shallcross have been updating the Events section of the ACTC Website to include one-page-per-year going right back to the start of the ACTC Championship in 1984, and earlier. Each page lists the dates, where known, of both the Championship and non-Championship events, and the intention is to publish as many of the Results Sheets as can be dug-out of competitors’ garages, lofts, and storage boxes.

The Coronavirus Lockdown has provided a good excuse for competitors to spend their time doing that digging-out and the number of Results Sheets available on the ACTC Website is now truly remarkable.

As well as providing Dave and James with a lot of the dates, and some of the results sheets, I have been working on a parallel exercise and can now publish my Trials Events Database. As ever, this is work-in-progress and I will be republishing the printout on a regular basis.

I have also updated, and republished, all the events pages on this website – see the pull-down menu under ‘The When’ above – but I have had to remove the spreadsheets which listed which sections were used for which year of each event. I have added so much information to these spreadsheets over the last few months that they have become far too large for sensible publication. As an example, the spreadsheets for each of the three MCC events now list 100+ sections over 100+ years – that’s a big spreadsheet!

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