M.G.Trials Cars – Caption corrections

M.G. Trials Cars, by Roger Thomas, is one of the “Essential Seven” trials history books. Subtitled “An Appreciation of The Works Teams” this large format book was published in 1995 to accompany the MGCC “60th Anniversary Weekend” celebrating the formation of the famous Cream Cracker and Musketeers MG Works Teams. Lots of photographs, some well-known, and three (well-chronicled) captioning errors, but still a tour-de-force. It has been out-of-print since 2001 and there are no plans to reprint it. Copies are available from time-to-time on eBay, or from the regular suppliers of motorsport memorabilia, often at ridiculously high prices.

Captions corrected
  • Page 9 (lower) : This photograph also appears on Page 105 of Bacon, where it is correctly captioned as being taken on Park Rash during the 1930 Edinburgh Trial. It is an MG 18/80 saloon, but unidentified as Cowbourne lists three such cars in this event and the number plate of this one is not visible in the photograph.
  • Page 34 (lower) : Another famously-incorrectly-captioned MG trials photograph. It was the subject of copious internet correspondence in 1999, resulting in a page on Michael Leete’s Classical Gas website, at the end of which correspondence it was identified as Wrynose Pass on the 1935 MCC Edinburgh Trial.
  • Page 48 : Another famously-incorrectly-captioned MG trials photograph. It is not New Mill on the Lands End Trial, but one of a series of Brunell photographs taken on Dane Hill in Kent, most likely during the Margate and District Car Club’s Wye Cup Trial on 21st February 1937. Photographs of the same event, both incorrectly captioned as New Mill, appear on Pages 122 and 156 of Bacon.
More comments on captions …
  • Page 16 (upper) : Park Rash?
  • Page 41 (lower) : The location of this photograph is a mystery. Cowbourne lists Langley’s number in all the major events during 1935/6, and “10” doesn’t feature. So when and where is this?
  • Page 42 (lower) : Park Rash?
  • Page 53 (lower) : This is certainly taken on the 1938 Colmore Trial (entry number checked in Cowbourne) and I’m pretty certain that it’s at the top of New Kineton.
  • Page 56 (lower) : This is Green negotiating the watersplash at the approach to New Kineton on the 1939 Colmore Trial.
  • Page 58 (lower) : This is Green during the Maidstone and Mid Kent Motor Club’s Bossom Trial on 6th February 1938, but I haven’t yet identified where.
  • Page 72 : The 1934 Abingdon Trial was the first recorded use of Juniper, the classic Cotswolds section, for a major Trial.
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