Magazines page published

In mid January 2016 I started trying to unravel the dates when the various ACTC magazines were published. Then, within the last week, I have been lucky enough to acquire a veritable treasure trove of old trials magazines which answered some of the outstanding questions. See more on the new Magazines page.

History pages

I’ve just added two new pages which deal with the general history of Classic Trials. The first is a Historical bits and pieces page, which includes a brief history of the various ACTC magazines. The second is the rather more lengthy How One became Three page, still in draft, which covers my ongoing research into … Continue reading “History pages”

About the new Wheelspin website

In December 2015 I took the plunge and decided to: Re-design the site using the mobile-friendly WordPress platform. Re-focus the site content. Read more here. Those familiar with the previous Wheelspin website will see that most of the Sections and Trials pages – which form the core of the new site – have already been re-published, … Continue reading “About the new Wheelspin website”